"At times it's just the imagery of common folk, that man or woman you just passed by. It's that situation that we all can relate to or that phrase your uncle use to say."

- B. Robinson

The concept for the term Black Genius as the collections alias stems from the colors (BLACK) origin, evolution and relevance in conjuction with the arts from the 14th century to the present.  It is also a color that finalizes each work and creates a sense of boldness that highlights the main subject of each painted story.


Black Genius is an expression used to pay homage to the great creatives [genius] of both past and present.  TBGAS's collection allows an  individual to embody the spirit of a creator through a transmedia lense and a range of mediums such as animation, live performance, fashion & what takes place on the canvas we call the present.  


"Create Everyday"



Each original painting is created and marketed by Bryan Robinson.  The intimacy of the exchange, with being able to secure your work of The Black Genius Art Show directly from the painter is an anomaly that provides the client with a vintage sales experience. The client meets the artist and is able to connect directly with the artist.  The TBGAS brand will provide customers with the highest standard of slickness in an effort to develop a family of clients who continue to purchase the art to hang and/or wear.  

The garments add value to the brand by providing clients the chance to obtain a unique version of the original painting.  The garment becomes the canvas and the customer becomes the art by wearing the art.  The days will few when people donning The Black Genius Art Show Garment line are not asked the question, “hey where’d you get that shirt,” or they will be told out right, “yo, I like that shirt you wearin’”.  At that point The Black Genius Art Show has done its job.  The garment has provided the customer the right to wear the art in order to become the art. 


Each of the components of TBGAS brand: the paintings, the prints, the

publishing, the animated works and the garment line, operate independently of one another but work in cooperation in order to compliment the other.  They work within the vision of the artist to continue to afford new opportunities, varied life exposure and experiences for the artist and the art itself.


The goal of the BGAS brand is to take the art to places it has never seen, to travel with the art, to speak with the art, to teach with the art, to have people love the art & expand the influence of THE BLACK GENIUS ART SHOW.

Target Audience

As an entity TBGAS brand would to like to target a large demographic to include the age range 0-60 years old.  Although unconventional by market analysis standards, the justification behind using this range is to identify that TBGAS will be able to create a line of products that can be marketed to babies and to the baby’s grandparent as well.

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